Seinfeld was a pop-culture monster of the '90s. In short, it's not. Of course, Eliane Benes is one of the four main characters on Seinfeld, but she wasn't even featured in the original pilot for the series "The Seinfeld Chronicles". Not just haters, but even its stars. Behind M*A*S*H, Cheers and The Fugitive, the controversial ending of Seinfeld ranks as one of the most-viewed series finale ever. Interestingly, Game of Thrones’ series finale aired almost 21 years to the day that Seinfeld had its last episode. Similarly to ... Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David had a rule, no hugging on Seinfeld. “To be clear, I adored the Seinfeld finale. The two-part “Seinfeld” finale aired on May 14, 1999, drawing in 76.3 million viewers. Someone took footage from Part One of the “Seinfeld” finale, where the private jet they’re on nose dives, and they spliced in shots of the plane crash from season two of “Breaking Bad” . Perhaps the most controversial on the list, you either love the Lost finale or you hate it. so it looks like the entire “Seinfeld” cast DIES. But that was Seinfeld co-creator Larry David's goal. It’s been 22 years since the beloved NBC sitcom signed off on May 14, 1998 with a two-part episode that put a pin in the story of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer. The fourth most-watched U.S. TV series finale in television history, Seinfeld ' s controversial 1998 episode "The Finale" was watched by 76.3 million people, drawing 67% of all televisions turned on at the time – as the New York Times put it, "grazing Super Bowl country" in terms of viewership. Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. People usually don't like Seinfeld's finale. Seinfeld finale was also touted as a disaster by many of its fans and hence, probably Jason also went on to defend that as well. For a show about nothing, reaction to Seinfeld‘s series finale sure was something. Seinfeld was an American comedy television series created by Larry David and comedian Jerry Seinfeld for NBC. Part of what made Seinfeld one of the most popular shows of the ’90s was the fact that Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer were charming and fun to watch. Twenty years ago Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer said goodbye to 'Seinfeld' forever. The finale that aired on May 14, 1998, brought back every character (Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer) that was wronged throughout the show’s nine-year run. However, that’s not the issue here. After 22 years of the final episode of NBC’s ‘Seinfeld’, it is still one of the most controversial TV episodes ever. How is it possible to successfully end a series so beloved, so specific, and so ridiculously casual? The series finale of Seinfeld was doomed from the start. What exactly makes for a controversial finale? In the Nineties, fans wanted to know how Seinfeld ended so desperately that some resorted to bribery. While some of the show's biggest names have gone on to have luminous careers, others haven't been so … level 2. Audiences also take issue w Clever writers with overly cerebral ambitions tend to polarize audiences, as do characters who fail to stay true to form. In the finale, the four main characters witness a car hijacking and mock the victim which leads to their arrest and trial for breaking the "Good Samaritan Law." Seinfeld to The Sopranos: The 10 Most Controversial Series Finales Ever It's been 22 years since Seinfeld signed off and left fans enraged. Maybe that's the whole point, though. So, we had already seen those old clips a hundred times before the finale. In 2000, after the end of Seinfeld, Richards began work on a new series for NBC, his first major project since Seinfeld ' s finale. That made her controversial. Seinfeld, Louis-Dreyfus, Alexander, and Richards did reunite since the controversial May 14th, 1998 finale of the NBC series under David's HBO series in the 2009 finale … If you recall, the Seinfeld series finale felt like a bit of a departure from the rest of the series. The show ran for nine years from 1989 to 1998, ending with one the most divisive and controversial finale episodes in the history of TV. I loved that Jerry/Larry found an organic way to bring back all the amazing guests that enriched our show. I just keep getting crap about it from fans. What makes it worse is the show was already in syndication by the time of the finale. . And the reactions to some of their more controversial jokes still make many lists when discussing banned episodes from sitcoms over the years. During a group interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show six years after the hotly debated Seinfeld series finale was aired, Julia Louis-Dreyfus went into detail about how she was cast on the show. It’s used against them; as a symbol of their degenerate lifestyles and personalities. The most pointed reference in the Seinfeld finale is when the people testifying against the characters bring up The Contest – a competition in which all of the characters, Elaine included, try not to masturbate. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. If you fall into that category, try watching it from the perspective of this theory; if nothing else, it changes it up a little and helps you see everything in a different, possibly more fun, light. But it had to be done. The Michael Richards Show, for which the actor received co-writer and co-executive producer credits, was originally conceived as a comedy/mystery starring Richards as a bumbling private investigator. Talk around the office watercooler the following day wasn't focused on the Chairman of the Board, it was all about Seinfeld's bizarre and controversial ending. "The Contest" Seventeen years after the Seinfeld finale, people are still crapping on it. Frankly, calling the reaction "mixed" might be generous. There’s not a lot of in between. . Critic-at-Large, Yahoo Entertainment. The series is also remembered for its controversial finale. "The Contest" is the 51st episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.The 11th episode of the fourth season, it aired on November 18, 1992. Clip shows are lousy when they're NOT the series finale. May 14, 2018, 7:14 AM. I just couldn't get past that the last, new episode of Seinfeld I'd ever see was a clip show. In the episode, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer hold a contest to determine who can go for the longest time without masturbating. It was called “The Puerto Rican Day,” and it was the last episode before the series finale. It was May 14, 1998, and Ol' Blue Eyes was going to the great Vegas showroom in the sky, but nobody could win this ratings battle -- Sinatra's finale vs. the Seinfeld finale. I like the idea of them finally facing repercussions for being jerks. Now, David seemed to be telling fans, they were chumps for ever identifying with and liking the four Manhattanites. The two-part Seinfeld finale aired on 14 May 1999, drawing in 76.3 million viewers. On May 7th, 1998, the 20th episode of the ninth season aired. It's a fool's goal. The night Frank Sinatra died, America was busy watching Seinfeld. However, Jerry Seinfeld thinks otherwise. It was May 14, 1998, and Ol’ Blue Eyes was going to the great Vegas showroom in the sky, but nobody could win this ratings battle — Sinatra’s finale vs. the Seinfeld finale. A pitch-perfect series finale can often seal a show’s place in the pantheon of TV greatness. The finale is controversial and was disappointing for many fans of the show. To mark the anniversary, we're bringing back our review from the controversial finale. The series finale certainly starts off on a positive note: Jerry and George seem to have finalized their deal for the Seinfeld-esque show they're making … The two-part “Seinfeld” finale aired on May 14, 1998, drawing in 76.3 million viewers. ***I consider myself a huge Seinfeld fan, but admit that I don't know everything about the show. The 49-year-old's generous girth was also a key feature in his appearance as Howie on the Seinfeld finale.