Life is sweeter with our Vegan Choc Honeycomb! For those that make the switch to a vegan lifestyle, a major negative is missing out on some of the foods that they have enjoyed for years. Every indulgent mouthful is better than the last. We wholesale and distribute nationwide. Buy our hand made artisan chocolate online. Demand for allergen-free chocolate proved so high that they went on to eliminate gluten and then nuts from their recipes, and … Delicious Vegan food delivered direct to your door. Vegan & Cruelty-Free. Biggest range of vegan food and products in Australia! Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. They bought the factory in 1999 and went into business as the Soy Chocolate Company. Our chocolate bars are made from ingredients that do not harm animals in any way, so you can indulge your sweet-tooth with a happy heart. UTZ Certified Cacao. When a 70-year-old chocolate factory in Redfern, Sydney, created a new recipe for dairy-free soy chocolate, the founders of Sweet William knew that something special was happening. Being UTZ certified ensures that our company actively supports sustainable and ethical cacao farming. Vegan Cheese, Vegan chocolate, Vegan mock meat, Vegan Cheese and Vegan Creams. Chocolate is often one that springs to mind. An irresistible flavour combo, we’ve taken things up a notch with this super special treat. Gluten Free Chocolate | Vegan Chocolate | Dark Chocolate | Milk Chocolate We believe in supporting local farmers. Our Sydney & Melbourne shops are open Mon-Friday 11am-6.30pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm Melbourne, Sydney, Online; Melbourne, Sydney, Online; 02 9550 0415;; … With Vegan Chocolate there is no need to miss out on a delicious snack! Vegan versions of all your favourites at Australia's Vegan Grocery Store: vegan cheese, chocolate, pantry, mock meats, sweets, baking mixes, meals, snacks, plant based protein, gifts and much more. Plant-based meats, vegan cheese, egg & dairy replacers, chocolate, meals, snacks, health, vitamins, vegan protein, sweets, cookbooks, bags & shoes, personal care products, vegan gift hampers, subscription boxes and more. All made from scratch in our kitchen in Trentham. The original, classic Sweet William chocolate, smooth and chocolatey, for all those who just love their chocolate straight up - Lactose free - Vegan safe - No artificial colours or flavours or preservatives - Free from peanuts and tree nuts. View more. Encased in a coating of delectable vegan chocolate, our handcrafted honeycomb delivers that sensational crunch and crack. Ingredients. Organic & Raw Ingredients .