This food packing plastic film type is mainly used in all kinds of color printing, coating and multi-layer composite packaging. UNDERSTANDING PLASTIC FILM: Its Uses, Benefits and Waste Management Options Table of Contents Introduction 1 What Are Plastic Films? 25mic Metallized VMCPP Film Plastic Film for Food Packaging WEIYI PACKAGING is one of the leading packaging &printing manufacturers in China over 20 year's experience. 2 In What Applications Is Film Used? Virgin LDPE resins are safe for food contact. 2 How Much Plastic Film Is There? Rio de Janeiro, Nov 20 (IANS): Researchers have claimed that transparent stretchable plastic (PVC) film used in packaging meat, fruit, other foods, and to protect surfaces, can inactivate the novel Coronavirus responsible for the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide. LDPE plastics are similar to HDPE plastics but are known for being less rigid. Plastic Films in Food Packaging offers a practical handbook for engineers, scientists and managers working in the food packaging industry, providing a tailor-made package of science and engineering fundamentals, best practice techniques and guidance on new and emerging technologies. Plastic film used to protect foods and surfaces inactivates novel coronavirus November 18, 2020 By Elton Alisson | FAPESP Innovative R&D – Transparent stretchable PVC film for use in packaging meat, fruit, cold cuts, and other foods, and to protect surfaces, can inactivate the novel coronavirus. As a customer focused organization, WEIYI Package is committed to providing all of our customers with the highest level of service possible. The product has good thickness uniformity, dimensional stability, excellent mechanical and optical properties, smooth and flat surface, good … They are popular in squeeze bottles, such as used for ketchup and mustard; plastic films, such as those that wrap commercial baked goods and meat; and six-pack rings. 3 Food Packaging 3 Nonfood Packaging 4 Other Packaging 4 Nonpackaging Applications 4 What Resins Are Used to Make Film?