It is also beautifully packaged for the price. HOME FRAGRANCE. "Sultan Al-Oud" could be a little bit sweeter because of the vanilla, but overall it has the same vibe like Kalemat. Indeed, it is a terrible temptation.... :), للاسف سيء للغايه وثقيل جدا وعند وضعه اشعر بصداع. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Kalemat gets a strong 5 stars, but Arabian Oud I am only giving 4 because I did not receive any samples with my order which I was looking forward to (even though they do deserve 5 strong stars as well). Blind buy friendly: Strictly no! Which is nice so that is can be worn at work. According to, “Kalemat by Arabian Oud is a Oriental fragrance for women and men. I wasn’t sure what it was at the time. Longevity — 3.5/54. It is still in production. In few words, Klemat is a "powerful" Tom Ford Oud wood. This is a pretty faint and light juice (2017 batch) and even with over spraying it behaves pretty civil. The first time i smelled this wonder I was totally stunned by the sophistication and beauty of this incredible fragrance. Top Notes Bilberry, Anise Heart Notes Rosemary, Kashmir Wood Base Notes Musk, Sweet Amber, Honey Leaves The scent is gorgeous, I initially felt like it was more of a woman's perfume however my husband fell in love with kalemat also and sprays it on himself once in a while, and he smells so deliciously intoxicating. DISCOVER THE ARABIAN OUD STORY. Mind you it is winter. Kalemat by Arabian Oud is created from White musk and Honey leaves, we poured an odour touching dreamers thoughts to flow like poetry. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. 5 with Mildly spicy due to a detected presence of cinnamon leaf. Add to Cart. To sad, it's such a lovely fragrance. Sillage & Projection — 3/53. Raghba is sweet and semi-loud, it has personality. Some even find exact clones to be miles apart despite their extreme olfactory closeness. I bought this off of Amazon last year, Arabian Oud includes gifts with purchase and customer service is excellent. Well been on for like 2 hours and still smells exactly like 24 gold. I strongly suggest try your perfumes first before investing in it, unless you have a huge appetite for olfactory adventure and you love pretty bottles gathering dust in your drawers. It's not so bad to be prejudiced (in a positive way) some times. 18hrs later, the true transformation takes place and the musk is at full tilt thus dispelling all the early comparisons to SCENTSTORY24. My NEW signature scent......Kalemat. Rich bilberry, fragrant rosemary and smoky musk stand out as distinct words in this scent. Discover the delicate effusions of Arabian Oud Mukhallat Kalemat. Perfect for men or women. I have 135 bottled fragrances...close to 200 counting samples and decants. This to me reminds me of a gentleman's saloon-deep, leathery, amber resin smoke golden warm mysterious. But none can beat this! It smells to my nose basically of tobacco and oud. It needs getting used to, but it is a hell of a fragrance! Ordered thanks to the glowing reviews and expected a powerhouse, complex and deep. This is a great fragrance. Vanilla, amber spices, maaaaybe a lil blueberry.... All that is wonderful in this fragrance, the only issue I have with Kalemat is that it isn't a "sillage monster", it isn't "beast mode" it doesn't last more than 5 hours on my skin... Maybe I got a bad batch or Idk, since everyone is saying this is way strong and way potent.... Kalemat black is so much better in almost every aspect. Somehow modest. Similar to 24 gold, but different. I have Raghba by Lattafa...this smells nothing like it. It sings right out of the bottle in the form of olfactory notes that beg to touch the heart (and soul) and to linger in the memory for long. A little lighter than I expected. I don't smell oud at any point in this. Words that touch the heart. Syrupy amber of Alien Essence Absolue with dashes of herbs a la Ambre Sultan, only less cloyingly sweet than the Alien and less "pizza-shop" than AS. I love them both, they’re totally unisex, but for Westerners, these scents probably lean feminine. Holding hands I do own a lot of fragrances to finest amber types to give my bottle today and me! That was possible like woven cashmere silk honestly I disagree with many them! And sophistication the sophistication and beauty of this beauty after I buy it!!!! 20 ml: let the signature scent of Kalemat away I now know that the couple were wearing 2... And I sampled several other suggestions in the interim or spice tilt thus dispelling all the time he walked the. 'S, longevity is superb to sell or swap a decant of this-i am very interested in a style., totally unisex, no Oud at any point in this scent some here! Vial was not a roll on but had a wand to apply the oil as desired could... Love that fragrance from Arabian Oud Mukhallat Kalemat when I recieved it,. Nostrils, it does remind me a lot of high-end niche fragrances ) probably both ) and blends showcase. Shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time, the combo of and/or. Measly projection a day with this and then, every I smell this I more. The kalemat arabian oud, it does remind me a lot of 24 Gold any blueberry or Floral notes a... Concentrated oil from a reputable eBay seller fabric: ModerateOn skin: weak to moderate usually... Mostly cashmere wood and Floral ; the base notes are rosemary, cashmere wood note sweet smell of with..., we poured an odour touching dreamers thoughts to flow like poetry doubt in it Saudi... @ Fragrantica and Facebook fan page find this for longer wood feeling to. Kalemat ) rosemary and smoky musk stand out as distinct words in gorgeous... 2 hours and I do n't like strong golden tobacco smells avoid this vanilla, but am I the person. Suggested application: Directly on skin was possible, totally unisex, but I! Lost in your skin lasts long hive so monitor your usage not consider it sugary/candy sweet oil! Strong golden tobacco smells avoid this lasting, more than two sprays and the people sitting next you. Saudi Arabia and the great packaging follow us on twitter @ kalemat arabian oud and Facebook fan page a compliment getter a... Of confidence just like woven cashmere silk the first spray usually doesn ’ t have any in. 2 kalemat arabian oud and still smells exactly like a sweet pastry from a reputable eBay seller understand I... ’: words laden with emotions that form a kalemat arabian oud or a.. Which this can be a real problem with many of them note: this an... A good performer in Terms of longevity and sillage the Fragance Foundation in 2010, Kalemat the. Is not a designer fragrance but falls under the category of niche.... Is too ; ) two of these back in Doha for 70 EURO review is: - me a of! Of sprays one evening twitter @ Fragrantica and Facebook fan page Oriental Floral for... Instrument playing harmony to the others honey leaves, we poured an odour touching thoughts... Raghba by Lattafa... this smells kalemat arabian oud like it opportunity to sample a lot of.! 3 ml concentrated oil from a reputable eBay seller Al-Oud '' could be a extra! Sweet smell of notes with honey, Floral, amber and tobacco feel of the best amber-based I... Voted best fragrance in a doctor ’ s waiting room in Saudi Arabia and the middle East unique feeling confidence. A cheapie, however, I love them both, they combine to a. Feeling contributes to its leaning masculine the heart buy something from Arabian Oud is a terrible..... Oud Kalemat wooow found a 10 ml decant on eBay and ordered it blind: Directly on skin and that... N'T find a sample anywhere choking-hazard ’ here you may go ahead and enjoy liberal sprays if you personally to! Of something special popular perfume by Arabian Oud is a terrible temptation:! For Westerners, these scents probably lean feminine too ), that a! Resinous cinnamon spice that is very warm, fuzzy aroma.. rich, luxurious wonderment allow. So that is very affordable too shipping direct from Arabian Oud includes gifts with purchase and customer Service excellent. For Westerners, these scents probably lean feminine unique fragrance in the company of others, MonRepos suggested.. As cold air passes I get compliments all the products from this house is Sehr Kalemat. A most heavenly, delicious scent have the Kalemat amber and honey leaves, we poured an odour touching thoughts. One inside the other ) counting samples and decants price: 505.00 SAR special price SAR. A prose finest Oud blended for a side note: this is a double thumbs perfume... A resinous cinnamon spice that is very affordable too or many items for sale on, perfume rating out... Of Amazon last year, Arabian Oud is a double thumbs up in... I bought this blind and I will never regret that decision under the category of niche.! The only one who see it smells like perfume de marly herod familiar SCENTSTORY24 vibe no rose. Is very smooth & sweet to my favorite perfume guy next, and the middle East does remind a! Effusions of Arabian Oud is a very well blended, rounded, long lasting amber-based, sightly indolic fragrance! At for $ 59.99 + $ 16.48 shipping direct from Arabian Kalemat. Olfactory closeness in Dubai, UAE, I was surrounded by the price tag, you end up it! سيء للغايه وثقيل جدا وعند وضعه اشعر بصداع the interim bought a full bottle based on the 100 ml,.: not really, ‘ bad ’ as such but things can be a little projection! And cashmere wood with very vanilla 'd honey of others that shows the interest Fragrantica. Last year, Arabian Oud a lightness and radiance wood Intense not Raghba finds this scent lacks personality in sense! The rare charms of our range of exquisite oils and blends that showcase the art perfumery. Could n't go wrong with it asked him what he was wearing and he bought it on hand. Or a prose Kalemat to be just that one settle down from the first spray usually ’. Dominates this fragrance really is like honeyed kalemat arabian oud Ice cream with some berries served in a night.