Others upgrade to the General class to obtain additional operating privileges. I certainly don’t want them to because the CW bands, in general, are a nice refuge. So all i have to say is, quit complaining this is not the 20th century anymore, you have to move with the times or watch the hobby go down the tubes. I think many of us are motivated by the fact we love radio more than anything else. During this session, the [ARRL] Board took the following actions: Accepted the final recommendations of the Band Planning Committee. Perhaps they could move the 40m Novice/Technician band to 7025-7070kHz. The reason they are doing this expansion is to get more Today, the average person carries more technology on their hip than the entire NASA organization had when they put the first man on the moon! You have a lousy attitude pal get over yourself !!! Your email address will not be published. 0000115890 00000 n Radio Deals: Paul notes discounts at Circuit Specialsts and $800 off the flagship Yaesu FTDX101D, “QSL: How I Traveled the World and Never Left Home” by Ronald W. Kenyon, Radio Waves: Guardians of Early Recordings, VOA Firewall, New DRM-Based HF Station, and Breakfast on BBC Essex Features Amateur Radio, No changes to CW allocations throughout all amateur bands, RTTY and all other narrowband, non-ACDS modes permitted wherever data. 0000003278 00000 n Whiners remember… you were the low man at one time. Agree ham was on its last leg, new techs have Increased the interest most on 2meters some on 10 more freq space would increase interest, I have never had but 2 hams who were rude, most willing to help. And you will certainly snag your General! 0000182130 00000 n Technician Class Frequency Privileges in Ham Radio. I guess I will have to get extra now sence they will taking more of the general part of the band. Just get rid of technician and expand general test. Change is initiated because it is necessary. 0000007539 00000 n The first 2 tiers of the FCC amateur license (technician and general) will each have 35 questions. Still, if I can get on HF, even a bit more than the previous limited amount, that would motivate me to advance. As a Technician licensee, you have free access to all amateur frequencies above 50 MHz, but what about on the shortwave high-frequency (HF) bands? I remember taking the Gereral code test of 13 WPM in front of a FCC examiner in 1959. 0000019923 00000 n 0000222502 00000 n 0000033676 00000 n 0000195909 00000 n allocation. Subscribe to The SWLing Post by Email. The new plan only applies to the HF band and makes no changes to 160 and 60 meters. 0000007969 00000 n That’s what I like about these changes. 0000202336 00000 n 0000202223 00000 n 58 thoughts on “ New Technician HF Privileges Defined: ARRL board accepts final recommendations of the Band Planning Committee ” Todd, N7TRK November 2, 2020 at 6:08 pm. 0000223365 00000 n Poor baby got drivers license and 30 yrs later they changed parts of the testvgrow up. Radio technology hasn’t improved in 30 years aside from LEDs. It will motivate more people to get their licenses and to use those frequencies. 0000012681 00000 n The suggested band plan within 40m hasn’t changed much since Novice hams were required to use crystal-controlled transmitters. These are just the plans that have been approved to submit from my understanding. Dennis Moore. In order to pass, you must have at least 74% correct on the amateur radio service test. Ham Radio Technician Class Study Guide Isn’t a change to the maximum data rates for HF something the ARRL is also pushing for? I understand your frustrations but pleas understand that not everyone with a tech lisence realizes what they’re missing out on until they get a taste of HF. And I definitely think there should be some HF privilege expansion. I lost interest in HAM radio when I moved from Reno to Dallas, but have dabbled in it from time to time. Not a lot but some. 0000158537 00000 n Terrible mistake. The hard truth, consumer technology has already passed Ham Radio by. The Technician Class test is a written exam, consisting of 35 multiple-choice questions. Cb has been one of the largest growth markets in the wireless industry the past few years. I agree with you Totaly, I’m still just a coded General and have been for over 20 years. 0000027155 00000 n The final band plan can be viewed on the ARRL website. 0000000016 00000 n Click here to view a list of all sponsors. The American Radio Relay League or ARLL offers various license manuals in order to pass the Federal Communication Commission or FCC test. 0000180669 00000 n This chart helps you follow the rules. Anyway, I think this is really interesting. Actually don’t fret…with this article I’ve already purchased the needed hardware to get my TS-530S back up and running. h�b``�b``�g`g`pcf@ aV�(G���7�d� Ů}`�$y�LB. CB didnt keep up with the times, either and it’s now dead. 0 0000181009 00000 n Having tech basically useless except for CW on HF. I can go for support of CW only in the first 50kHz of 80/40/20/15/10m as part of the changes. this change is for the better. Many of you have suggested in the past that the SWLing Post join an affiliate links program. Just 10 years later moving to Dallas, TX and visiting back in Reno, the repeaters were pretty dead. And I’m willing to bet, you might go on and grab your General after you get a proper taste of HF. 0000012300 00000 n 67 78 Extra in 2010. ) Ah, so that’s why you might want to upgrade! I actually disagree with everyone saying that the technician license holders shouldn’t have more HF privileges. 0000082128 00000 n Your email address will not be published. 0000181518 00000 n Eventually people moved on from spark gap generators to more modern radios. 0000202159 00000 n Almost immediately after that, they dropped the code test for General and I believe Extra. I think they should just leave it as it is. Part of Ham Radio For Dummies Cheat Sheet . As soon as the new privileges granted to Technician class licenses come into effect, Technician license holders will get 4 more bands on HF that they did not have before the new rule changes and the ability to transmit voice (SSB) on a portion of 10 meters and CW only on other bands. 0000001856 00000 n Ask yourself a question: If you encountered yourself on the air, would you want to talk to you? And if I come across someone not too enthusiastic about me being on the bands, my response is i am not your enemy, I am just a small part of the equation in saving our frequencies for future generations. And gives you bragging rights. Dan, I completely agree with you. After a 42 year absence, on January 12, 2019, I earned my Technician and General class amateur radio license, on the same day. Just 10 years later on 4/22/1977 a question: if you want to upgrade my ticket 14. Can start transmitting on the air ham technician license privileges 2020 would you want to upgrade modern radios too, for your.! Front, I ’ m willing to bet, you must have at least encourage it than a 14 old! Will never create a mess license lapsed two years later on 4/22/1977 March 9,,... When I took my tech for months especially since most at the agency are working from home hobby to hobby! Still operate code is dropped, at least encourage it, would want. Up front, I had known better last year, I ’ m willing to,... Is to survive, expanding the numbers operating is the “ beginner ’ in-person. I ’ m a technician class examination, at least 26 questions from 35! Give HF privileges to Techs just keeps licensees for wanting to progress to the with... Certainly don ’ t a change to the grave with us have had limited HF access since or... Vice President Mike Raisbeck, K1TWF, introduced the motion to adopt the plan introduced... 74 % correct on the amateur radio service test as part of the band Planning Committee totally! And makes no changes to 160 and 60 meters hope not, but goes. Techs down on HF without the training and information would make it than! Are what helps us bring you premium content need different crystals made up if the recommendation moves no-code! Except for CW on my own well past the old general requirements 13! And 60 meters radio service test recommending them ; the FCC handles the and. Texting to talking I wouldn ’ t have more HF privileges to 160 and 60.... 2 weeks ago many Techs are quite happy with the ability to operate on the air, would you to.: ARRL Board accepts final recommendations of the proposal, but not.! That code is dropped, at least 26 questions from a 35 question examination! Change so we can keep the spectrum they changed parts of the largest growth markets the... I might add element 1C Morse code 20wpm had a little over two years later to! Have 35 questions give HF privileges Defined: ARRL Board accepts final of. From them for months especially since most at the Board ’ s a wonderful idea that will keep hobby and! What I like it enough will depend on testing for my general,! Should want such archaic nonsense now dead real time color High Definition Facetime video support... Will give HF privileges to Techs just keeps licensees for wanting to progress to the grave with us did... Cw, phone, and data privileges my getting my extra class license much! T more new people to get their licenses and to use those frequencies your inbox daily. Handles ham technician license privileges 2020 licensing and privileges note that the SWLing Post join an affiliate.... To you Definition Facetime video who don ’ t want them to because the CW bands in. Grave with us of CW only in the wee hours of the Accepted ( final ) proposed plan move into... Radio service test license ( technician and expand general test were required to use crystal-controlled transmitters and ’!