That guide gives some rules-of-thumb that are useful in developing your own hair care … Debra Bayley on July 12, 2020. Keep reading for more detailed information about how to put together your perfect natural hair care regimen. Now, it is the time to give your hair … In the winter time, our hair gets so much torture: the brutal cold causes a lot of dryness and fragility. Natural Hair Care Regimen for Short Hair. Winter Hair Care Routine: How to make easy DIY Hair Masks January 08, 2019. I really don’t like my 4c hair. Natural haired women with short hair probably have it the hardest in regards to finding a natural hair care … Hi. All of these questions and more are answered in this guide. And lucky for you, we've got the case (and the game plan) for a hair-care routine as sophisticated as your skin-care regimen — sheet masks, peels, serums, and all. Precious on October 14, 2020. Best method for trying to grow 4c hair. Exfoliate weekly. 1. I would love to be getting new update on natural hair care Thanks. It’s … I previously wrote a short general guide called: African and Biracial Children’s Hair Care tips. Hello! It is always important to know what your body need in order to stay healthy and in-shape.