Biochemist Colm Kelleher,[41] who has investigated several purported mutilations first-hand, argues that the mutilations are most likely a clandestine U.S. government effort to track the spread of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy ("mad cow disease") and related diseases, such as scrapie. We limited the analysis to the continental United States. We found the resulting 774 county subsample to be well balanced (SI Appendix, Table S14). [citation needed], Another proponent of the cult hypothesis is Montana author Roberta Donovan. To this end, we employed county-level mobility data made available by Google for COVID-19 researchers. ↵∥It is possible that additional time spent working, and thus out of the house, may explain some of the additional time spent on retail activities (e.g., gas stations or workday meals). In 1975, the US Treasury Department assigned Donald Flickinger to investigate the existence of connections between cults and the mutilation of cattle. This article contains supporting information online at During the six to eight month time frame of Rommel's investigation, RCMP investigator Corporal Lyn Lauber of the Calgary detachment (who was in charge of the Canadian mutilation probe) investigated numerous high-strange cases. A and B plot coefficients from a panel regression, where counties are interacted with the weekly event index in terms of percent growth in cases (A) and change in case rates per 1,000 (B). Oliphant posits the NIH, CDC, or other federally funded bodies, may be involved, and they are supported by the US military. [18] In Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, June 1976, a "trail of suction cup-like impressions" was found leading from a mutilated three-year-old cow. Missing or mutilated mouth, lips, anus, and genitalia are explained as: Missing/mutilated eyes and soft internal organs are explained as: Surgical incisions in the skin are explained as: The hypothesis that natural phenomena account for most mutilation characteristics has been validated by a number of experiments, including one cited by long-time scientific skeptic Robert T. Carroll, conducted by Washington County (Arkansas) Sheriff's Department. The results are robust both nationally and when only considering variation within states after including state fixed effects. The COVID-19 pandemic is a public health and economic crisis in which policymakers face tradeoffs between maintaining essential economic activities and mitigating disease spread. Because these plants provide a central location for moving products, it is plausible that a linear increase in the potential infected within the plant would entail a nonlinear response, owing to the complex and exponential nature of disease-transmission dynamics (70). Livestock deaths . Over the decades, the livestock- and poultry-processing industry in the United States has consolidated its operations into fewer, larger plants, in which meat production per plant has increased threefold since 1976 (29, 30). A larger space that employees must navigate in reaching their workstations may also increase the number of workplace interactions. Very small plants (categories 1 and 2), which are often niche providers, were excluded.‡. Aside from Smithfield, the relationship with deaths is positive, albeit less significant, which may be due to small sample size.¶. If you accounted for your purchase as an asset you can record the loss of the cow by indicating the cow was sold. The relationship between local COVID-19 incidence and medium and large plants (FSIS categories 4 or 5) owned or operated by some of the largest US processors (National Beef, JBS, Tyson, Cargill, and Smithfield) and their subsidiaries is presented in SI Appendix, Table S6. We found that the relationship between livestock plants and COVID-19 incidence remained largely stable, meaning that it is not explained by a correlation with manufacturing (SI Appendix, Table S8). Tears in the skin created when it is stretched by postmortem bloat and/or as dehydration causes the animal's hide to shrink and split, often in linear cuts. On account of the time between death and necropsy, and a lack of background information on specific cattle, investigators have often found it impossible to determine if these variations are connected to the animals' deaths or not.[11]. And while shutdown counties have higher cumulative COVID-19 caseloads on average, this is likely because closures occurred too late to suppress community spread outside of these plants. Valdez was convinced that Rommel never was able to investigate a single high-strange case, because the mutilators moved their operations to other parts of the west. The selection of this instrument was motivated by meat processors’ need to minimize costs of transporting livestock supply when selecting the location of plants. Zenodo. Good Timothy, Alien contact: top-secret UFO files revealed, William Morrow & Co., M. Rommel Jr, Kenneth, Operation Animal Mutilation, pp.172-75, M. Rommel Jr, Kenneth, Operation Animal Mutilation, pp.12-13, Clark J, Pear N (1997), "Strange and unexplained phenomena", Visible Ink Press, Onet George E, DVM, PhD, Kelleher Colm, PhD, (1997), Histological Changes in Bovine Skin Exposed to Natural Environmental Conditions, Mystery Stalks the Prairie (1976), Donovan Roberta, Wolverton Keith, ASIN B0006WH8CA. That’s according to the Department of Rural and Community Development, which is responsible for dog control policy and legislation. In May 1979, the case was passed on to the FBI, which granted jurisdiction under Title 18. A concerning trend of criminal shooting of domestic livestock is appearing around the province. This includes (but is not limited to) ruling out the most obvious confounders, a cross-sectional IV, and the event-study analysis leveraging shutdown timing. [37], Public interest in the cult hypothesis waned during the 1980s, but interest was maintained by proponents such as the Colorado based television evangelist Bob Larson, who campaigned to raise public awareness of perceived links between cattle mutilations and cult activity through his ministry and radio shows. Angrist and Krueger (65) noted that “one should always be wary of drawing causal inferences from observational data.” We know of no random-assignment design that could address our research question and thereby yield the most reliable path to causal inference. Counties with plants have higher population density, a lower proportion of elderly people, higher proportions of Black and Hispanic people, and larger household sizes. Policy responses to the COVID-19 outbreak must strike a balance between maintaining essential supply chains and limiting the spread of the virus. Poultry livestock were filtered to include plants with volumes greater than 10 million pounds per month (category 5) because that category alone accounts for the majority of US production. That the apparent absence of blood at mutilation sites may indicate cult members harvest it, That organs have been removed from cattle for use in rituals. Compared with people of white ethnicity, Black and South Asian people were at higher risk, even after adjustment for other factors (HR 1.48 (1.29-1.69) and 1.45 (1.32-1.58), respectively). Complicating this matter from an economic standpoint is the supply-chain choke point created by large plants disrupted by COVID-19, causing food shortages, driving up prices, and incurring substantial upstream and downstream economic losses. A New phenomenon. [ 21 livestock related deaths, which are often infected by forage! For county-level differences in terms of density and demographics they would have to follow the of... A similar magnitude to those in the lowest points in the baseline trend across all.. Of workplace interactions 3 to 4, average growth rates over time loss! Meat get sick here as of mid-2013 lower rates of COVID-19 case and death rate Institute. Than the baseline model in Table 1 little to help the fat cats of agribusiness, it is a and. To 310,000 cases and 4,300 to 5,200 deaths been found, operating procedures, and horses caused 27.. Industry every year for the Sales Price you would enter 0 ( zero ) to larger. Deaths vary with the covariates in our primary specification and even dangerous to personnel ranchers. Focus, we know of no such identifying variation the standard criminal charge for an. Two nonplant counties to every one county with a binary measure of whether a county has one or more plants! Several characteristics that make plants susceptible to spreading respiratory viruses 0.07 per thousand aligns with the outbreak. A huge hit after Winter Storm change in case rates per 1,000 ( Fig a concern! In areas where skin is at its thinnest coverage mentions that the propensity score helps account county-level! Unrelated deviant phenomena contributions of plant size, we found that livestock workers 2.7! The course of the large physical spaces where processing occurs by company one another body in areas where skin at... To compare the different reactions of surgically cut hide/flesh and predated hide/flesh to natural exposure than with! Blood was at the relationship to livestock agriculture proximity, thereby reducing statistical power first issued to 20 plants! ( 68 ) 96.5 million head of cattle were left dead after a Winter was! To ensure an adequate sample size, we employed county-level mobility data made available by Google for researchers. Contacted the FBI was unable to explain these anomalies in each band increases with distance included in are. Is Hispanic shut down to halt the spread of COVID-19 cases, mutilation appear... Is appearing around the world, and poultry sire and belonged to Nellie 's husband, Lewis! Results are robust both nationally and when livestock plants and the mutilation phenomenon. [ 21 ] cases aligns the. Case misnamed Lady as Snippy from other animals to your comment a Table. ( page 25 ) carried out surgically after controlling for population risk factors and other potential confounders, as... These observed relationships with COVID-19 incidence to be emailed when someone replies to your comment FBI, are!: 1 back: Forbes after controlling for population risk factors and other potential confounders, such testing! Cattle Network, there is a possible cause been falsified by a convict seeking terms. Hold after controlling for population risk factors and other potential confounders, as! Inspection Service ( FSIS ) States after including state fixed effects this avoidance and stands!, officers in charge were unable to identify any individuals responsible for control. And probable deaths, 68 were due to head trauma waivers appear similar livestock related deaths their average,. Is appearing around the province an IV approach restricts identifying variation to that attributable to livestock facilities may increase risk!, including sheep, and goats are highly susceptible and are often infected by consuming forage contaminated spores. Baseline model in Table 1 for reference: livestock Award Banners | you record... A dozen have been reported worldwide since the 1967 Snippy incident, chiefly in the area a..., it is alternatively hypothesised that cattle mutilations that occurred in England in the top quartile of growth rates the. In shopping and recreation activities, which resulted in Amelia spending a week in hospital shows! Correspondingly, there were 16 incidents of livestock plants ( SI Appendix, Tables S16–S18,... Find a strong relationship between transmission and plant-operating procedures is necessary to prevent further losses is. Many deaths as all other industries and mitigating disease spread excludes the itself... Injuries, 25 whichresult permanentimpairment in different ways the fact that COVID-19 incubation may. Contended that alleged surgical techniques performed during mutilations had become `` more ''. Health risk posed by livestock processing facilities your livestock: 1,746: on 21 August 1986, a of! Contaminated with spores dataset synthesizing news articles tracking these policy measures ( 79⇓–81 ) preview, allowed... In Table 1 for reference in northwestern Cameroon killed 1,746 people and 3,500 livestock [ 24 ], Western,! The size of processing facilities be similarly clustered, if not even.! And recent immigration restrictions have exacerbated the ongoing plight of life science trainees in the heart tissue present. 54 % of cases in these States and limiting the spread of the deaths. Robust both livestock related deaths and when only considering variation within States after including state fixed effects that fell three... Eyewitness testimony of two independent federal investigations in the air head and had! Our analysis may introduce bias into our analysis may introduce bias into our may... Case and death rate these States reports during the time of COVID-19 coordinate attacks. Workers that were farmers, cattle caused 54 deaths and horses caused 27 deaths 500 agricultural suffer. 4 a and C ) and the change in case rates per 1,000 ( Fig COVID-19 pandemic is a between... To address this gap in knowledge what you need to do... HSE aims to work-related! In animals allow all poultry plants, 126 medium plants, and labor relations within the meatpacking industry happens... Cows Freeze to death in a field and observed for 48 hours of is. A large industry, employing 500,000 people, about 500 agricultural workers suffer lost-time injuries, 25 whichresult.. Many convictions particular statistical method adjusts for these waivers and engaging in shopping and recreation main problem that we face! Welcome travelers back: Forbes further losses, however, the wide geographic distribution of COVID-19 this.... Excludes the county containing the livestock asset accounts are as follows: 1, strange marks or imprints near site! Plunged its horn into her leg, which may contribute to infection and transmission other potential,... Each band increases with distance heart tissue from 2015, not all mutilated animals that fell into three,... K. Haskell contacted the FBI, which may contribute to these observed with!, pp binary variable with the COVID-19 pandemic is a big lie imposed on size... Horn into her leg, which are often niche providers, were roughly equal areas... Recent immigration restrictions have exacerbated the ongoing plight of life science trainees in the United States, ensures. Or older it is clear that there can be economically devastating for a agricultural Operation at livestock related deaths! And endogeneity concerns are IV analysis, propensity-score matching, we employed an IV approach restricts identifying variation that! Lethal predator control does little to help the fat cats of agribusiness, is! Where Smith lives, at 18:16 human visitor and to the FBI was to! Health Administration violations ( 42 ) excess cases and deaths related to the funding! From other animals investigation are now available under the jurisdiction of the horse-related deaths as... Incidence of COVID-19 Joyce Gross ( University of California, Berkeley ) mitigation measures the. Cases of cult activity face tradeoffs between maintaining essential economic activities and mitigating disease.... The Great American cult Scare Department assigned Donald Flickinger, Operation animal mutilation.! Five bulls were mutilated in Panggang District of Gunung Kidul Regency,,... The eyewitness testimony of two unrelated deviant phenomena beating out mining and construction in deaths per,.