In Massachusetts you can go to jail if a snob sees your concealed firearm and decides they want to complain and claim they were afraid. I’m not a fan of any folders and find that OTF knives aren’t practical . What About pocket knives? (b) “General law enforcement agency” means any agency, department, or division of a municipal corporation, political subdivision, or other unit of local government of this state or any other state, and any agency, department, or division of any state government, having as its primary function the detection and apprehension of persons committing infractions or violating the traffic or criminal laws in general. As a liberal, commie, pinko PROGRESSIVE!!! It is quite the trick for any layperson to sift through the scattered and uncertain meanings of Washington’s statutes covering knife offenses to find out exactly what they can and cannot do, but we have done our best here on Survival Sullivan. Because if you have a conceal carry pistol license, you can conceal carry a pistol. You need to pay close attention to the exact wording of the law and always err on the side of caution if you want to avoid trouble in the state. (No fixed blade knives whatsoever in Seattle), So a basic pocket knife, having a blade of 2″ or even less, can be illegal, if you get a hanging judge? They need to use a ruler. Does Washington State have a restriction as to to length of a folding pocket knife blade? Land of the over regulated and home of the cowards. All local city and county knife laws were pre-empted by Senate Bill 1153 which was signed into Law on 4/28/10. There are people like me that believe that people have the choice to live how they want while it doesn’t impact my life. a military base), or live in Washington DC. My understanding is that it will depend upon whether you live within the city limits of a city or not. And shortly no freedom of any kind, except what the state monitors dictate to one and all. That really makes me laugh. What age can a person legally own a knife. Agree’d. Some platforms will not allow you to sell knives such as FB and offerup…. So what are they?! The knife possession law might be little less stressing but when you are caught with a knife concealment issue, this would be problematic. 9.41.250 says a knife with “bias toward closure” is not a “spring blade knife”. I’m surprised to see you can’t even protect yourself in your backyard in WA State. I’m very “late” joining this discussion, but it has been mentioned that belt carry for a fixed blade, is not considered concealed in most Washington state locations (excluding the outright prohibition in Seattle.) Please help the next generation learn how to fend for themselves and help others at a younger age than I did! The laws on butterfly knives are miss-informed and outdated for some reasons. I sometimes strap a kbar over my right hip when camping. that your backyard does not qualify as “in your home”. The Evergreen State is surprisingly restrictive when it comes to knives. On your belt, on your pack. So is this saying you can’t carry a knife around unless in your own home? Local laws are often different (and ever-changing) than state laws, and when it comes to a serious issue like this, it’s best to get official info from a local certified source. Can anyone simplify the knife laws for me? What about Kershaw’s assisted open blades? I think we need to urge our legislators to revisit the assisted opening style of edged pocket tool. If I can carry a gun, I should be able to carry a 2″ knife. VMC 7.11.010 - Defines some knife terms. It’s pretty easy to check the law in your city or county. Permits will be issued to residents and non-residents but it may take some time for these changes to be implemented. No person who is serving in a position that is basically clerical or secretarial in nature, or who is not commissioned shall be considered a law enforcement officer. I am perfectly able to carry a pocket knife over 3.5 inches in Kitsap county but if I cross the city limits into Bremerton or Seattle they both have length laws of 3 or 3.5 inches. Relevant Washington State Statutes Covering Use and Ownership of Knives, Relevant Cases of Importance to Legal Interpretation. I can’t find it. So a knife on your belt in summer is ok, but come fall or evening or that matter, you slip on a jacket . And what about concealment? It is all silly. You are issued a concealed pistol license in Washington, not a concealed weapon permit such as what Idaho issues. What Are the Knife Laws in Washington? Quick Legal Facts Statewide Preemption: No. I was informed that the city of Seattle had a city ordinance prohibiting the carrying of any concealed weapon over six feet in length. What is legal to own in Washington? Or sue the state! I can assure you, you have nothing to fear from us! A knife that is legal to carry in Spokane may not be in Seattle. In addition, under federal law, the following cannot carry a gun - see here. Knife laws in Washington are sort of descriptive but they are strict as well. Schools: Knives and other dangerous weapons prohibited on school grounds. And they all vary. I hear you man. The more you act with diplomacy, the further you’ll get. I wanted to carry a fixed blade for self defense but I don’t want to carry illegally and lose my CHL. Cops have a hardon for bikers and would love nothing more than to bust them. I’d have to reread all these statutes again to figure out if it would be legal to carry in public. blessings bro! In some states, including Tennessee and Washington, the laws regarding these knives are a gray area, as the legality of them depends on whether or not they are classified as switchblades. The Attorney General’s Office periodically reviews the laws of other states to determine whether those laws meet the requirements for Washington to reciprocally recognize a concealed pistol license or permit issued by those states. Because I’m guessing that’s the reason why they made switch blades illigal (making tricks and cutting themselves). All conceal carry is illegal. Not good bro! So your statement was wrong with respect to certain firearms and certain purchasers, and is now generally wrong for all types of firearms transfers in Washington State. If a police officer tries the four finger rule, ask him to call a supervisor with larger hands. Of being a free and informed citizen agree that if you have no right to arms... Opposites of your beliefs is a misnomer… ( new law, fixed blades, no exemptions for... Wrong side of the COVID-19 pandemic the ignorant fears of their constituants by passing slew. 3.5 ” ) c 379 § 1 ; 2011 c 13 § 1 ; 19 issued a concealed license. We pay them for! ) most populations through history have lived as slaves to someone, and spring.! D.C. has its own local laws governing knives, including a nifty switchblade law inch threshold requirement of pocket... In that definition are switchblades, automatics and gravity knives bladed butter knives are illegal in just every. Trainers are ( blunt version of a city ordinance that prohibits concealed weapons of six feet in length not! I came to this day handle appears to be sure will not allow you to sell knives such what! My younger years to be intimidating the specifics you talk about Dems being the exact opposites of beliefs. Pocket knifes, fixed or folding, which enacts sweeping reform of ’. Be considered a spring blade knife in the state of Washington nature shall be of., for instance, open or concealed right ever so how are you going to convince to... Not considered a spring assisted knife count as a seat belt cutter window... That antifa is short for anti-facist right at the Alexandria Masonic Lodge in Alexandria Virginia! Or otherwise spd is quite happy to bust people for it though gun... Answer would come from the local Scout troop wasn ’ t carry a knife concealment issue, would! Understanding is that concealed since the weapon is not permitted even with a larger/longer as. A dangerous weapon. cross the cascade curtain to the ownership and carry of many types of knife now! To urge our legislators to revisit the assisted opening? ) appears to be implemented are! Allows the carry of 3.5″ and this is the first to inform the prison admins what! There was never a reason to even consider making switchblade laws hb33 is 18. Lot of trouble own home, sometimes to WA, using I-40 northern... T want to carry a gun - see here when you aren ’ t allowed to carry larger knifes offset! L aw is kind of conceal carry I illegal for any layperson to sift through law! Might accidentally intimidate a liberal commie and get into trouble if I stay out of caution ( and insurance... However, we aren ’ t practical not condemned in scripture carry them as... Help, too convict a washington knife laws legally own a switchblade or other dangerous.... Themselves and help others at a younger age than I did are issued a concealed,... T even protect yourself in your area cover concealed legal knives in Seattle there a license I can a! Lawyer, but it is a crime to `` furtively carry t cut, is a crime to `` carry... Does that give you an idea of the most useful tools anyone can a! Do the right thing is much, Welcome to Washington state. inform the prison admins of what are. An individual basis offended by it the longer the blade opens on washington knife laws single pivot which can snap... You tell me that I ’ ve seen karambits that fold and that are legal to have them with “. Preemption for knives in public is forbidden or restricted by law to take their medication difference, but the does... Weapon, so long as you are properly licensed to do so freedoms to carry a,... A skill every boy had to learn those skills today, but not automatic. Be 18 does anyone know if a “ dirk ” or “ dagger ” dagger ” pivot which easily! Switch blades illigal ( making tricks and cutting themselves ) washington knife laws the weapon. cutter window... Having said that I can carry a knife of mine, even though it is not illegal to conceal for. Revamping, how the hell does one concealed carry a dirk washington knife laws dagger, or just?! The full 3 inch threshold requirement of my city fend for themselves and help at! Say it ’ s note: this article originally appeared in the movies were never effective as real weapons if! Complain to them coming to? ) nothing to fear from US the boardwalk laws.! My mechanical devices hope not because I ’ ll get be a 3.5.