Algol is the Gorgon's decapitated head which Perseus, the son of Zeus, holds in his hand. Medieval astrologers counted it among the 15 Behenian fixed stars, which were believed to be a source of special influence on one or more planets and considered useful for magical applications. Then again other people with personal planets conjunct Algol, like the Sun (Liberace, Tucker Carlson, Pope John Paul II) aren't always horribly killed or hurt by it - not outwardly at least. This name is derived from the Arabic Al Ghoul meaning “demon”, “evil spirit”, or “devil”. Algol Star Astrology In astrology, Algol is one of the most unfortunate stars. But fortunately for Eric, Algol is most difficult when with the Sun, Moon, Mars or Saturn. But that doesn't mean you should go around afraid of it because I believe a lot of it also has to do with how you respond to its energies yourself. Algol can be deep and evolving force. I feel like Algol is a double edged sword and can be focused as a shield and is more of a raw force where caution is needed, like playing with wiring. Fixed Star Algol. algol star astrology Historically, it has received a strong association with violence across a wide variety of cultures. In astrology, Algol is considered one of the most unfortunate stars. Algol (also known as Medusa) is located in the constellation of Perseus. An eclipsing binary star, Algol appears to “wink” as it releases mischievous and destructive energy… seeking release in all manner of violence and brutality. You will find many clues to Algol's meaning in the stories surrounding Medusa, her rape by … In astrology, the head of the famous Medusa is known as the fixed star called Algol which is located at 26 degrees of Taurus. The fixed star Algol (Demon’s Head) situated in the constellation Perseus, 95 light-years from Earth. Ptolemy referred to it as “the Gorgon of Perseus” and associated it with death by decapitation: mirroring the myth of the hero Perseus’ victory over the snake-headed Gorgon Medusa. The fixed star Algol is also part of the Perseus constellation and historically it has always had a reputation for being one of the most wicked stars in the sky. Think of the beautiful young Medusa, a mortal, either raped or seduced by the god Neptune in the most sacred temple of Pallas Athena. Algol in astrology. Algol Aa1 (or A) and Algol Aa2 (or B) form an eclipsing binary 0.062AU (15% the distance Mercury to Sun) apart, while the third star, Algol Ab (or C), shines in white at an average distance of 2.69 AU from the pair orbiting with a period of 680.2 days or 1.86 years. Derived from the same root is “alcohol”, and Eric Burden has struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction most of his life. Algol /ˈælɡɒl/, designated Beta Persei, known colloquially as the Demon Star, is a bright multiple star in the constellation of Perseus and one of the first non-nova variable stars to be discovered.